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It’s way past time to revise Oregon’s motor vehicle laws as they pertain to us older motorists. Just 20 states have short-cycle renewals requiring in-person driver’s license exams after one attains a specified age. And most of these 20 states do not require either written or driving retesting for these individuals.

The author tells us about the automobile accident that severely injured his wife three years ago. He goes on to explain that the driver who struck her with his van was 92 years old. Oregon did not take away his driver’s license. In fact, the driver was allowed to renew his license for eight years at the age of 91.

Some might conclude that the State of Oregon was culpable in this and numerous other accidents involving older driver’s who, in the interest of public safety, should never have been allowed to continue driving.

According to Mr. Austermann, the Oregon Legislature will consider mandatory testing of older drivers in January, 2007.

States should test older motorists yearly to determine whether or not they would pose a risk to public safety. I am optimistic that the Oregon Legislature will agree and will make far reaching changes that save lives in Oregon. Hopefully, Oregon will be a trend setter and other states will follow suit.

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Oregon should test old drivers

By Kurt Austermann

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