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Washington voters will decide Nov. 7 on one of those proposals, Initiative 933. Supporters and foes alike are pointing to Oregon’s experience as they troll for votes.

I came across this article which should be of interest to Washington voters as they vote on their own property-rights initiative.

A recent article in Seattle Times about Measure 37, the property-rights initiative overwhelmingly passed by Oregon voters in 2004,gives voters in Washington some useful information to use when decing how they will vote on Initiative I-933, Washington’s own property-rights bill as supporters of the intiative try to persuade voters.

According to the writer, nothing has changed. Property owners in Oregon are still facing an uphill battle in dealing property-rights.

Oregon property owners have filed more than 3,300 Measure 37 claims.

In total, they involve about 218,000 scattered acres. Put together, that’s an area nearly as large as Mount Rainier National Park.

The claims range from proposals to build single houses on farmland to plans for a pumice mine, geothermal-energy test wells and as many as 100 vacation homes on private property inside Newberry Volcanic National Monument.

Two years after Measure 37 was passed, Oregon courts are still sorting through more than 80 lawsuits dealing with Measure 37.

All the property owners can do in the meantime is wait.

Read the entire article:
Oregon property rights still in legal limbo
By Eric Pryne
Seattle Times staff reporter

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