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The Two Trillion-Dollar Fix

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America’s storied infrastructure is crumbling. Almost no one disputes the advancing state of disrepair. Yet, this issue has been conspicuously absent from most political dialogue this election season. Is it because of the substantial cost of investing in our infrastructure? Unfortunately, these problems are not going to go away:

The estimated cost to just to rebuild—not add to or grow our current infrastructure: $2.2 trillion dollars.

The good news? There’s never been a better time to build up this country. Interest rates on 10-year treasury bonds are historically low, there are hundreds of thousands of construction workers available, and the economy could use the boost of that spending. Yes, it is unpalatable to think about borrowing with the size of the federal deficit, but we don’t really have a choice: we can pay to fix the roads and bridges now, or they will fall apart (possibly with disastrous consequences).

We need to make a massive investment in our own future before it’s too late.

Without sound railroads tracks, trains can’t expeditiously move goods across the country. Cars, trucks and buses can’t get anywhere without safe roads and bridges. Deteriorating levees that can no longer hold back the rising waters could put entire coastal cities under water. The point is that we will pay for all these things – either by financing the cost of projects on the federal level, or through eventual increased prices on products, lost wages, high electrical prices and high food costs.

We can collectively invest in our nation’s infrastructure now — or we can individually pay the price later. Remember this when you go to the polls November 6.