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The Law Says He's Nobody's Daddy

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When a fertility clinic mistakenly placed a client’s sperm in the wrong woman, the man sued for the right to be called the baby’s father. Trouble is, the law says he’s nobody’s daddy.

After a man’s sperm is used to inseminate the wrong patient, he files a lawsuit against the fertility clinic that made the mistake.

Matthew Hayes and Nico Swift went to the fertility clinic in Portland, Oregon and, like many Americans, were having trouble conceiving the natural way, They spent thousands of dollars for the chance to be parents.

The mistake was made. Indeed the woman, who had arranged for the frozen sperm from an anonymous donor did get pregnant as she had hoped.

Hayes has sued because he believes he has parental rights. But the hospital has refused to release any information about the mother to Hayes.

The matter remains unresolved and it will be interesting to see whether the law will recognize him as the father or not and what type of settlement if any the couple might receive.

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