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Oregon Trial Lawyers Association completes home

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Wednesday July 26, 2006 will be the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association (“OTLA”) last scheduled build day at the Portland Habitat for Humanity project in SE Portland.

When she was President of OTLA, Jane Paulson wanted to help Habitat by contributing and raising funds from OTLA members to help build a Habitat home. Paulson raised $20,000 from OTLA members to help build the Chanocua’s home. The homes are scheduled to be completed in August 2006.

Miguel and Monica Chanocua have two small children, 3-year-old Nathan and 5-year-old McKanzie. They currently live in a small 2-bedroom apartment that still has extensive damage from the previous tenant who moved out two years ago. There are holes in the doors and the flooring, and most of the kitchen cabinets and drawers don’t work. The apartment complex’s sprinkler system is also broken — there is always a large pool of stagnant water in the back yard, so the children have no place to play. Miguel works swing-shift full-time during the week, and Monica works on the weekends. The picture gallery is here