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Dental Malpractice Verdict in Oregon

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Paulson Law firm has recieved a verdict for $600,000 in a claim last month against Willamette Dental. The damages awarded were for a lingual nerve injury.

Our client’s nerve was damaged during a routine wisdom tooth extraction, which left him with numbness and shooting, burning pain, a tingling sensation, and a throbbing pain in this tongue.

He also experiences difficulty biting and using his tongue, a decrease in the taste sensation, numb gums on one side of his mouth, speaking problems, and an inability to distinguish hot from cold.

The defense offered to settle this case for $50,000 before the trial began, and might come up to $75,000 during the trial. The first day of the trial we offered a settlement amount of $100,000.

The defense has now filed a motion for judgment notwithstanding verdict or in the alternative, they would like a new trial.