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Tom D'Amore

Investigation: Corporate Elder Care Won’t Let “Customers” Leave

Understaffed, under-regulated assisted living facilities have been caught using dangerous processes to meet residency goals.  Watch Life and Death in Assisted Living on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE. The facility was dangerously understaffed, and went to great lengths to cover […]

Courtney Mills

Xcel Energy HydroPlant Chemical Fire Kills Five Contract Workers

A smoldering fire 1000 ft. inside a tunnel at a hydro-electric plant outside of Georgetown, Colorado, developed late Tuesday, killing five contract workers of the company as they tried in vain to escape. The five who perished in the chemical fire were from a group of nine contract maintenance workers at Xcel Energy. The workers had crawled 1,000 feet inside an empty 4,000 foot long underground…

Jenny Albano

Worker Dies in Wind Tower Collapse

Chadd Mitchell died on Saturday at a wind farm that is under construction in Oregon. Mitchell was killed when a 242-foot-tall tower he was working on fell over.Mitchell, of Goldendale, Washington, was working at the top of the tower — essentially a hollow tube — when it buckled. A second worker in the tube was injured and a third worker on the ground was not hurt, according to The Oregonian…

Chrissie Cole

Woman Suing Portland for Brother's Death

A Portland police sniper that killed a man in 2005 is now being sued his sister that has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officer and the city.The lawsuit alleges the officer of excessive force in the death of her brother, whom the officer shot in the back with an M-16 rifle. She further accuses the city of wrongful death for their role in what the lawsuit describes is the…

Chrissie Cole

Widow Files Wrongful Death Claim Against the State

A wrongful death claim filed against Ohio state contends a police officer killed when responding to a call should have been notified the man being pursued could possibly be armed and dangerous.The officer’s widow has filed suit against the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the state patrol. JuWanna Taylor’s case will go before the Ohio Court of Claims on Monday, January 23rd. Taylor was…

Chrissie Cole

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settles for $250,000

A wrongful death lawsuit has been settled with a Mother whose son was killed when a state representative’s son hit him in a fatal drunken car crash. After pleading guilty last year to a felony charge of leaving the scene of the accident that resulted in death and a misdemeanor count of drunk driving, Andrew Saunders, has been ordered to serve four years in prison. Saunders was driving a car…

Staff Writer

Wife runs over, kills husband with Mercedes-Benz

A wrongful death lawsuit in Texas began Tuesday, involving a woman who was convicted of running over her husband with her Mercedes-Benz in 2002 after finding him at a hotel with his mistress.The wife was sentenced to 20 years of prison time in the murder of her husband. The victim’s parents are now suing their daughter-in-law for monetary damages in the wrongful death of their son, according to…


Should Philip Morris be Subject to Collective Punishment?

In an Oregon Court case, Philip Morris complained that the non-parties in the case were never identified, their individual circumstances were not presented in court, and there was no way for a defendant to respond to allegations of widespread harm.Philip Morris argues that individual smokers should have to prove their own cases.In my opinion, this illustrates a larger issue of personal…

Staff Writer

Oregon Wrongful Death Lawsuit Brings Question of Punitive Damages to Supreme Court

I was reading the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog today when a post by Peter Lattman caught my eye. Lawyers Banter Over Punitive Damages, while highlighting WSJ’s new Legal Banter column, also notes that the US Supreme Court will once again address the issue of punitive damages in Philip Morris v. Williams next term.The case is on appeal from the Oregon’s Supreme Court, which ruled that a $79.5…

Staff Writer

Another Wrongful Death Case Involving Big Tobacco

In another wrongful death case against cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris, the Oregon Court of Appeals threw out a $150 million verdict for the estate of Oregon woman Michelle Schwarz, who died of cancer at age 53 after smoking low-tar cigarettes. Attorneys for Schwarz claimed that the company had marketed its low-tar cigarettes as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. Multnomah County…