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Tom D'Amore

Sexual Assault: It Happens on the Examining Table as Well as the Casting Couch

It’s impossible to ignore—recent headlines have been rampant with accusations of inappropriate behavior from Hollywood’s elite and beyond. From innumerable alleged incidents involving Harvey Weinstein to the recent admissions of guilt by Louis C.K., it’s as if a rather large […]

Tom D'Amore

Attorney accused of defamation for pointing out insurance doctor’s “misstatements” at trial

When a person is in an accident they expect their insurance company to open a claim and fairly handle the claim. After all, insurance commercials tell us we’re in good hands with Allstate, and Farmers is on our side. But […]

Tom D'Amore

Jury gives justice to sex abuse victim – while hospital pretends it never happened: Part II

For the background on this sexual abuse case and trial, see Part I.   Denying and Defending Field’s abuses were not a secret in his four years at Mid-Columbia Medical Center. D’Amore Law Group represented several women that MCMC allowed […]

Tom D'Amore

Jury gives justice to sex abuse victim – while hospital pretends it never happened: Part I

Anesthesiologist Fred Field, MD, sexually assaulted at least 12 women at Mid-Columbia Medical Center in Oregon. His victims were drugged, unconscious or semi-conscious during the assaults. It is likely Field sexually assaulted many other women—who may not know, or understand, […]

Tom D'Amore

Are you ready for the next bridge collapse?

Last night, a 60 Minutes report by Steve Kroft highlighted some of scarier implications of the demise of America’s infrastructure. 70,000 bridges are “structurally deficient.*” Tens of thousands more are functionally obsolete. One of these was the Skagit River Bridge […]

Tom D'Amore

How a doctor + a camera = $190 million dollars: Part 2

Learn about the background, lawsuit, and why Johns Hopkins is responsible:  How a doctor + a camera = $190 million dollars: Part 1 The real cost of a lawsuit Sex abuse cases are very difficult for victims – and for the people […]

Tom D'Amore

How a Doctor + a Camera = $190 Million

The Background Dr. Nikita Levy had been a gynecologist for Johns Hopkins for 25 years when one of his colleagues noticed something strange about the pen he wore around his neck. It was a camera. Dr. Levy had been secretly […]

Tom D'Amore

The Daily Show finally gets to MERS

The serious problems with the MERS system are well-known to millions of homeowners. Finally, popular media has started to report on the appalling condition of MERS property recording in the…

Nick Kahl

The Hypocrisy of Chief Justice Roberts

This week the Supreme Court had oral arguments in two cases dealing with the issue of gay marriage: Hollingsworth v. Perry, challenging California’s Proposition 8, and United States v….

Harmony Miller

Recap of AAJ Winter Convention 2013: Sun, Fun, & Pride in Personal Injury Law

The AAJ Winter Convention just wrapped up and what a success it was! While in Miami, I saw some of our nation’s best trial lawyers presenting on topics relevant to our firm’s…