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Chrissie Cole

Paxil and Risk of Birth Defect

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that exposure to paroxetine during pregnancy can increase the risk for congenital malformations, in particular, cardiac malformations. Per the FDA’s request, the manufacturer has changed paroxetine’s pregnancy category from C to D and now added new data and recommendations to the Warning section of paraxetine’s prescribing information….

Chrissie Cole

Girl, 5, Wins Pre-Birth Injury Case

Blind five-year-old Brooklynn Rewega is the first person in Canada to win an insurance settlement against her Mother for birth injuries.Brooklynn, who has cerebral palsy, was able to sue her Mother for the settlement after her parents persuaded the Alberta government to pass special legislation. Lisa and Doug Rewega, lobbied for the legislation so they would have the needed money to pay for the…


Oregon Injury Settlements and Birth Injuries

There are times when you may need the help of a dedicated lawyer. Birth injuries and the possibility of Oregon injury settlements are one of those times.There are times when you may need the help of a dedicated lawyer. Birth injuries and the possibility of Oregon injury settlements are one of those times.Oregon injury settlements are often made in the case of birth injuries but you will need…

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Judge Rules Medical Malpractice Settlement Cannot Be Sealed

Many are praising a judge’s recent refusal to seal a medical malpractice settlement and are encouraging others to take the same stance. The judge’s decision in the case went against the common practice within the legal community of allowing medical malpractice settlements of lawsuits to be filed confidentially.Defendants often request medical malpractice settlements be confidential and try to…

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Oregon Jury Returns $1.4 Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdict

A Portland, Oregon jury returned a $1.4 million dollar verdict in a medical malpractice case today against Oregon Health Sciences University. The medical malpractice case is significant because it is the first verdict in Oregon since the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that individual doctors at OHSU can be sued beyond the tort claims cap of $100,000 non-economic damages and $100,000 economic…

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New Trial Denied in Lingual Nerve Injury Verdict

In June, Jane Paulson won a $600,000 verdict for injury to our client’s lingual nerve from a wisdom tooth extraction. The defense filed a motion for new trial which was heard and rejected yesterday by the court. The defense now plans to appeal the lingual nerve injury verdict.The lingual nerve is on the tongue side of your teeth and can be permanently damaged if a dentist errs, most often by…

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Medical Malpractice Case Against OHSU Begins

Trial began this week in the first medical malpractice trial against OHSU in Oregon since last month when the Oregon Court of Appeals overruled the cap (in another malpractice case). Ken Ackerman, a former Portland TV anchorman, is the plaintiff and is suing Oregon Health & Science University for medical malpractice from a back surgery. There is a tort claim cap in Oregon, against valid public…

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Epilepsy Drug Linked To Birth Defects

A new study solidifies beliefs that women of child-bearing age should avoid the epilepsy drug Depacon (valproate). Evidence showed that of 333 women followed, 20 percent of those taking Depacon suffered miscarriages or gave birth to babies with birth defects. Problems with three other drugs ranged from one to 11 percent. The study examined only women who took the epilepsy drugs from 199-2004,…

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Medication Error Lawsuit Settles

On July 26, 2006, our firm successfully concluded a case which involved both a medication error and medical malpractice. Our client was placed on Coumadin, a blood thinner, due to a rare clotting factor in her blood. Her doctor erred by taking her off the medication and she had a life-altering stroke, permanently disabling her.On April 29, 2005 Jane Doe sustained a massive stroke to the brain…

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Family Wins Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Five year old Alexis Hayes’ cerebral palsy, lack of speech and need for a wheelchair came as a result of medical malpractice, an Ohio jury ruled last week. The jury awarded Hayes’ family nearly $18 million for what they deemed was an anesthesiologist’s error. The injuries occurred as Alexis was about to undergo surgery to remove a benign cyst on her neck.The hospital, which settled out of court…