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Tom D'Amore

The disturbing effects of doctors behaving badly

An essay in a prominent medical journal spotlighted an often-hidden problem in the medical profession: doctors belittling, sexualizing and dehumanizing patients. The piece in the Annals of Internal Medicine describes several disturbing incidents that the author witnessed as an intern […]

Tom D'Amore

The scourge of sexual abuse in hospitals

Is the culture of silence contributing to the increase in sexual assault in health care facilities? An Oregon anesthesiologist pleaded guilty to sexually abusing or raping at least 12 incapacitated women in his care. He was sentenced to 23 years […]

Emily Terriquez

Medical Malpractice – a solution other than “tort reform”

With the recent passage of Obamacare and the focus on healthcare expenses, there has been much discussion about the costs of medical malpractice claims.

Recent studies have shown that high…

Harmony Miller

When is an apology not just an apology?

In March, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed a bill offering patients and doctors an alternative to malpractice lawsuits when adverse events occur. Senate Bill 483, dubbed “Safe…

Harmony Miller

Real Lessons from Texas

“Tort reform” has become a rallying cry of insurance companies as healthcare costs rise. They blame runaway juries and excessive awards as the reason that health costs are rising, as…

Harmony Miller

A new way to curb medical malpractice claims? Oregon considers “Safe Harbor” policy

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s Patient Safety and Defensive Medicine Workgroup is preparing to present their findings on creating a safe harbor policy with respect to adverse…

Staff Writer

Numb Tongue From Wisdom Tooth Removal

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed — the 3rd molars. If the teeth are removed wrong a patient can leave the oral surgery or dental office with a permanently numb tongue. The lingual nerve provides sensation, including taste, to the tongue.If your tongue is still numb the day after your wisdom teeth have been removed, you should report the problem to the dentist or oral surgeon who…

Staff Writer

New Book Reveals Where Doctors Go Wrong

An article in Time magazine discusses a doctor’s new book on why doctors make medical mistakes. The research found that 80% of medical mistakes are due to thinking errors on the part of the doctors and 20% are due to technical errors.The book is “How Doctors Think” and is a good read for anyone trying to get the best possible care and help protect him/herself from medical errors.

Chrissie Cole

Medical Malpractice Suit Declared Mistrial

A medical malpractice lawsuit brought by Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis has been declared a mistrial after two defendant doctors helped a juror who had collapsed during testimony.The unidentified gentleman began to moan before he collapsed during testimony by an expert defense witness.Weis’ attorney moved for mistrial after the juror was removed from the courtroom to be taken to the hospital….

Chrissie Cole

Oregon Malpractice Payouts Decline

For many years, physicians groups in Oregon and nationally have railed about a malpractice crisis said to be the cause of driving up costs and forcing doctors to close shop.But a study published on Wednesday suggests malpractice damage awards have declined considerably in recent years.Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen mined the federal government’s National Practitioner Data Bank to track…